jueves, 6 de marzo de 2008

Invitación al Seminario de Marketing: "Marketing and Quality of Life”

Nos encontraremos en el 1er. Meeting del año de La DiTella Marketing Club, para el cual tenemos el honor de contar como disertante al Profesor David Webb de la Universidad de Western Australia.

Fecha: Jueves 13 de Marzo
Lugar: Aula 301 a las 19:15 horas, Miñones 2177, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella
Tema: "Marketing and Quality of Life”
Expositor: Dr. David Webb MBA, Ph.D. - Universidad de Western Australia
Inscripción: ditellamarketingclub@utdt.edu (Incluir en el mensaje: nombre, apellido, empresa y teléfono de contacto). La entrada es libre, solo solicitamos que se inscriban vía email.

“Marketing, traditionally viewed functionally and consequently narrowly within many firms is often associated more with being part of the ‘problem’ than it is ‘the solution’. This can sometimes be true when viewed simply at a micro level. However, macromarketing, a recognized field of study among some marketing scholars, seeks to impact beyond customer satisfaction on life satisfaction. In other words, macromarketing goes beyond considering ‘how to satisfy consumers’ to include, how to enhance their ‘well being’; a broader objective. This requires somewhat of a shift in thinking away from marketing as the protagonist. Clearly the causes of ‘ill-being’ in the world, if such a concept exists, are many. Before I go any further, let me be clear on this point. I am not suggesting that marketing is the panacea for all ill-being but, I am suggesting that the concepts discussed in marketing can be applied in such a way that they impact positively on people’s lives from the local through to the global level.

Clearly, we need to explore a number of issues. You are invited to explore these with me by attending this presentation.

  • First, I will introduce the ‘societal marketing concept’ as the foundation upon which more macro oriented marketing solutions can be developed.

  • Second, I will discuss ‘Bottom of the Pyramid’ markets as being particularly (but not exclusively) suited to the societal marketing concept.

  • Third, I will present ‘Social Business’, a term coined by the Nobel prizewinning Muhammad Yunas from the Grameen Bank.

  • And fourth, I will bring these points together thereby arguing the potential positive role for marketers in terms of quality of life enhancement ([1]).

    ([1]) This abstract outlines a presentation offered by the author at UTDT in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 13 March 2008

    Key words: Macromarketing, Quality of Life, Life Satisfaction, Societal Marketing Concept, Bottom of the Pyramid, Social Business.

David has held numerous international academic and industry positions in Germany, the Far East, the United States and the United Kingdom together with an executive position at a management consultancy firm in South Africa. He is currently Senior Lecturer at the University of Western Australia.
His research is diverse but his primary interests are in the domain of macromarketing focussing specifically on the relationship between marketing and quality of life (QOL), Business ethics, consumer behaviour, societal marketing and public policy.

Rogamos a los interesados, por favor confirmar asistencia escribiendo a ditellamarketingclub@utdt.edu . Incluir en el mensaje: nombre, apellido, empresa y teléfono de contacto.

Será un placer volver a encontrarnos y compartir también en este espacio los avances del Club.

Mariana Jasin y Laura Rosenbaum
Equipo de Conducción de La Di Tella Marketing Club

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